Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello You!

 Sometimes a kit idea will come and it all just clicks in to place. The idea, the colours, the theme... this was one of those kits for Natasha, inspired by a little colour card from Design Seeds. A bright, colorful kit with glints of gold, Hello You can help you tell someone you love that they mean the world to you.
Inspiration From the Team
Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's Pretend: Fairy Princess

Melissa with TimberScraps has a little girl who loves to pretend. There are always princesses, fairies, and all sorts of fun things involved! She had to make a kit for her! This kit is perfect for scrapping your favorite little fairy princess at play! It is on sale for the first week of February, at $1.00 for each piece. So, for $2.00 you can get the entire kit! What a steal! Plus, the best part is that it is a part of the Bits N Pieces releases at SNP and there are some AMAZING kits and all of them are $1.00 a piece. You can build up a pretty awesome stash for a great deal!

She has the most amazing CT in the entire Universe, including me!!! And we all made the most gorgeous pages with this kit! All of them so girly and fun, full of princesses and babies! Take a look!

Heather, Robyn L., Melissa, and Tasanee
 Robyn L.
 Kim and Tasanee
Robyn F.

Aren't they amazing?! I love them! So go check them out, get the kit, and post your layouts in TimberScraps’ gallery at SNP! We can't wait to see what you create! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New stuff from Ponytails!

Cold hands, a double-double, and some news... sounds like a typical Canadian morning doesn't it? Nat often hits her local Tim Horton's as she runs out to do errands, and if she's lucky she has time to sit and read a newspaper (or check Facebook on her phone, as the case may be!) But that's not what we're talking about today! ponytails_chwh_desk   ponytails_blog BNP
 First off, Natasha has a new kit to show you, which is part of this month's Bits and Pieces at SNP. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts... it's a saying many of us have heard as long as we can remember. It great because it evokes the fun of the snowy season! We build snowmen, have snowball fights, or dig tunnels through the snow. We wear mittens, scarves, and hats lovingly knitted by moms and grannies that keep us warm in our adventures. Grab hold of the fun with Cold Hands Warm Hearts! There's still time to grab the parts while they're $1 a piece! (Images are linked. Full kit will be available Jan 8th)
 ponytails_chwh_elements ponytails_chwh_papers ponytails_chwh_alpha ponytails_chwh_wordart   ponytails_blog ct inspiration _prev   ponytails_blog BUFFET
Next up is a set of double page templates created for the GS Buffet. Double Double Vol. 1 features spots for big photos and a whole lot of little ones... or use journal cards instead, as you'll be able to see in some of the examples below. ponytails_doubledouble1 ponytails_blog ct inspiration ponytails_DoubleDouble1_CT   ponytails_blog did you know
 And now for the exciting news! Nat is doing a three month guest spot at Gotta Pixel! How awesome is that? Her entire shop is on sale at 50% off until the 15th of January. ponytails_GPannouncement

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Hi Friends! I have a darling new kit that is perfect for your winter pictures! When I think of winter, I think cold, miserable, and snow...not necessarily what I wanted to portray in a kit for you! So, to make it better, I decided to think of a pretty forest scene, with animals, and of course they have to be cozy so they need scarves and hats. Also, a snow covered trees and pretty snowflakes. I decided to do warmer colors, as well, just so that it doesn't feel so bitter cold! I hope you enjoy it and can see a nicer side of winter! (Not the 3* side of winter that we are seeing here in Salt Lake currently!)

 (Preview linked to product in store)

Also, I decided that I wanted to do some templates with this kit! The one that is in the shape of the tree was from my CT Kim who so graciously allowed me to tweak and use her template! 

(Preview linked to Product in store)

And for now, get it for 40% off! That's a killer deal! 

Here is what my CT did with this kit...and let me tell you, it all looks amazing!!!

Heather and Robyn
(Linked to  my Facebook Page!)

Like it says above, you can get this kit for FREEEEE  if you spend $10.00 in the Scraps N Pieces Store this month! And of course I would love it if you spent those $10.00 in my store! :) 

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's the Little Things

It is SO hard to get back in the groove of things when you haven't done them in forever. I was scrapping 3-6 days a week before pregnancy, but morning sickness made it so I didn't even want to LOOK at a screen without puking. It was not fun. I thought, man, as soon as I have this baby, I'll be back in it easy. Since my sweet Abraham's debut, I have scrapped a total of  7 pages, one of which was for a client. Want to see them!? Oh good, because here goes!

Template: Temptations 18 {Wendy Tunison Designs}

and, my pride and joy of all my pages- this one even one Layout of the MONTH at Scraps N Pieces, which is like, the hugest honor ever!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas kit
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Here it is! I am kind of in love with it! I love the fun colors! I love the fun characters, and I must admit, those mice make me so happy! I love their cheerful, fun personalities! And I kind of love the flowers in the kit, as well! I hope you enjoy it all, especially while it is at 35% off! Click on the preview below to go directly to this kit in my store!
" target="_blank">
" height="640" width="640" />

CT Layouts
(I think they did the most beautiful job! Don't you agree? Look at what you can do with this fun kit!)

Kim and Terri
" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
" height="640" width="640" />

Heather and Robyn L.
" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
" height="640" width="640" />
" target="_blank">
" height="640" width="640" />
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" height="99" width="320" />

Thursday, December 4, 2014


A friend was talking on Facebook yesterday about how tired she was of the perfect bloggers- makeup, clean house, well behaved children, life put together. Now, nobody has EVER accused me of those things, but just because I can, I want to share some things I've learned in my measley decade of being a mom. But, before you read them and fall off your chair because they aren't what experts would call ideal, please realize that every family is different. Different dynamics, different personalities, different needs. Every kid, every couple, every person. I turned 30 this year and had to decide how I felt about things. I realized that it's time to be happy with ME! We'll talk after I post a few FABULOUS cell phone pics that I took today. I may be a photographer by trade, but 99% of my real life is captured in my cell phone.

This is me, nursing Abraham. He's not very happy with it at the moment because I keep squirting the back of his mouth with my heavy duty stream. My hair is greasy because I screwed up my shampoo schedule- and while I LOVE dry shampoo, it only looks dry for a few hours each use on me. Oh yeah, and yesterday's makeup is still on.

I also homeschool 2 kids and send one to public school. Then the two little ones who aren't school age yet. Today for school, we're watching Monumental- getting ready for Thanksgiving. Little do my older kids know that when we finish it on Monday, they'll have a writing assignment about what they learned. We do most of our homeschooling right here, on my bed. These are my girls, playing with the names I had entered for the K'Nex giveaway. My bed is a mess. It usually is, though I have been making a SERIOUS effort to clear it off daily and keep it decent. See that cars pillow? That's because last night, Vaughn was scared and didn't want to sleep alone. I'll talk more about that in a minute.

Alright, those are the only pictures I have for today.

I'm going to talk about me!
(Speaking of, I love this video: )

I am a little bit crunchy, But mostly because I'm lazy.

I didn't finish this post.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


***Winner Winner!!! Congrats, Kendra!!!!!***

I admit, I neglect my e-mail sometimes. So, when a giant box showed up on my porch, I was a little confused. Then I opened it. I was SO excited to see TWO K'Nex products inside!! Of course, my kids were even MORE excited!! I decided to actually READ the email I had been sent by K'Nex and guess what, they told me exactly what they were sending! I signed up a few years ago to be a tester for them, but had forgotten all about it. We were completely THRILLED!!!

 I let my older two kids (ages 10 and 9) play with the chest of regular, open ended K'Nex first. (Pick up the green treasure chest HERE)

within an hour they had built SO many things!!

I made them wait until Vaughn, their 6 year old brother got home to break out the Mario Layer Cake set (Pick it up HERE!) Now, it says ages 8+ on the box. And for good reason. Vaughn tried for a while to put it together and got easily frustrated. Xander (10), however, had NO problems following the instructions and getting it all put together.
And THEN my kids did something they don't do very often. They all played together!!! And they ALL got along!!

Now, enough about my observations, here's what the KIDS said about it:

Vaughn, age 6. "My favorite one is the one we used to parts from the Mario set to make Waddlewings ship! I got to be Waddlewings!"

Xander, age 10. "My favorite was the Mario set. The reason I like it best is becasue of all the new pieces. Most of those pieces I've never had before. Also, because of how many different K'nex parts that were only made from Mario. The best part was the flag system for when Mario goes in and can get launched. With the other set, I really liked it because you could choose ANYthing. ANd you can use the instructions and make modifications." (Yes, he really used the word modifications)

Juliana, age 9. "My favorite was the big K'Nex chest. I liked it because you could build cars, hot air balloons, horses, LOTS of things- like ANYthing. I did like the Mario because there were characters and there were actually ground boards. You could build it anyway you want. I like to play with them a lot because you can be creative. Sometimes I just don't feel like playing with the Mario set, so I play with the other one. You can choose what to do. You can do anything."

These have brought my kids HOURS of fun. And they have brought me PLENTY of helping hands because you can't go play with the K'Nex until your chores and such are done!! :D

Pretty sure K'Nex Plants Vs Zombies are on  our Santa Wish List!! THIS one, to be exact.

NOW.... want a free K'Nex set for YOUR kids?! Comment here and tell me what toy your friend had growing up that you wish you  had. I'll pick one lucky reader, contact you (so make sure you leave a way to do that) and get your address to send to the K'Nex people! *one entry per day until Friday 11/21/14 **be sure your comment sent before leaving the blog

Thanks, K'Nex!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Abraham Tiberius

When skies are dark
And hope seems fled –
With only tears of sorrow shed
When His love is hard to find
In the chaos of my mind
In the darkest of the night
Yet the world is full of light
I see the Love 
of God’s own Lamb
In newborn baby Abraham.

~Jenny Cahoon

My sweet friend, Jenny wrote that, only knowing half of the struggles I had with this pregnancy and not knowing any details about my Sweet Abraham's birth. I probably won't give most of the pregnancy details here because that's not what you came for. You came to read about the birth!!

Alright, we're going to start at our appointment on Monday, Oct 5th. I had my regularly scheduled Dr's appointment. Dr Barney asked if I wanted to be induced this coming Monday (the 13th). I explained that I had originally planned on going into labor on my own, which he completely respected, but reminded me that he was going out of town. I decided I was done being pregnant, so I agreed. Unfortunately- well, no- FORTUNATELY, the hospital was BOOKED solid on that Monday with inductions. Barney suggested coming in on Sunday instead. We agreed and made sure both doulas and my parents were ok with that.

All week, I had LOTS of contractions. I tried everything I could think of (except canola oil, ew) to start labor during the week. I even jumped on a trampoline. However, nothing worked. It made for a very long and boring Saturday.

Eventually, however, Sunday, October 12th came!!! We were told to be at the hospital at 11:00 AM, so we were. Dani, my sweet friend who is deciding whether or not to be a doula, came right away and stayed with us. (READ HER ACCOUNT OF THE BIRTH HERE: We had decided that I wanted to do as much as possible of this birth as naturally as possible. That meant not using pitocin unless we felt we really needed.

Ok, here is where our story gets interesting (already, right?!). Roger recognized our nurse, Michelle, as the same nurse who had helped us with Vaughn's birth. At that birth, she and I had NOT clicked, at all, and I was a bit apprehensive. I decided to see how things would go this time, and I'm SO glad I did. This lady was one of the best L&D nurses I've had ever. You know, maybe THE best. But anyway, back to our story.

We started the antibiotics for Strep B and waited for word from the Dr. We were told he probably wouldn't be there til around 2:30. Roger and I watched part of Star Trek while we waited. Dani left for a while to go to church since we knew that things wouldn't be happening for a bit. Kristy, my main doula, got there about 2:00 and we were so excited to see her. I love this lady so much and it means the world to me that she has been there for so many of my babies entrances into this world!! At 2:30, Dr Barney had another Dr come in and break my water. We were chuckling a little bit because it was NOT breaking easily. Finally, however, it did.

Now, up until this baby, the longest I had EVER  gone between water break and giving birth was 1 hour 10 minutes. So, me being me, assumed this would be the same. Yeah, not so. Now, the beauty of not having pitocin is that you don't have to be stuck in bed hooked to monitors. I was allowed to go potty, get on the birthing ball, whatever. I took advantage of that and it helped pass the time. At 3:45, over an HOUR since my water had broken, Michelle checked me and I was only dilated to a 6. I was pretty disheartened.
Kristy had Roger put music on- a very inspired decision I think. We put the Mormon Tabernacle Choir channel on Pandora and it really did calm me. The contractions started to be long, hard and miserable. I tried every position- leaning on the back of the bed, standing next to the bed, sitting on the birthing ball, laying down and having the doulas do leg counter pressures... I finally got up and went potty, then came and sat on the birthing ball. Roger was such a great support letting me squeeze his hands when I felt things were getting overwhelming. Kristy talked me through my breathing while massaging my back. I was to the point where I was just done. I decided to ask for an epidural. I felt like such a failure, but I just couldn't handle the pain of those contractions anymore. Kristy suggested that I have Michelle check me first, but one- I didn't know if I could get onto the bed to BE checked and two- I didn't want to wait ANY more.

Michelle went to ask the anesthesiologist to come in, then ran an errant for another patient. We were notified that the anesthesiologist had just gone into another room to help another patient. Something happened while she was gone, though. I had a particularly hard contraction and just couldn't sit anymore, so I stood up, but I hurt too badly to just sand there, so I crawled up onto the bed with every intention of laying down, but before I could, I just felt like I was going to completely explode, so I yelled really loudly and guess what happened?!?! There was Abraham's head. Kristy was supporting it and directing Roger and Dani to go get the nurses. One more yell/push and I had a brand new baby boy. Apparently we like to create chaos on the delivery floor. :D Abraham was born at 4:14 PM. I went from being dilated to a 6 to baby in 30 minutes. It was insane.

This was also the first time I was aware of delivering the placenta. I had to push more times for that than the baby. This was also the first time that I got to SEE the placenta. Very interesting, but that sucker was HUGE.

They whisked Abe away because he was not turning as pink as fast they wanted him to. There was fluid in his lungs. Kristy told me that actually, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck once, but it was very loose and not a big deal.

Once they got him breathing ok, and after my strong boy kicked part of the rolling crib off, they announced that he weighed 8 lbs 15.7oz (and we had permission to call it 9 lbs). At 19.5" long, he's a BIG kid!!! They finally brought him to me and we got to do some skin to skin. The kid latched on like a champion. We are so grateful he is here and that he is safe and healthy.