Friday, January 29, 2016

Check out these FlipStir puzzles!!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for what's about to happen here in my life!!

I was picked by a company to review their product!! It might seem like a silly little thing to some of my friends, but to me- I am GIDDY!!

The other day, I was sick in bed with a nasty cold, but then I got this in the mail!! #ShakeStirSolve

It's called a FlipStir. Pretty much it's a puzzle, but it's self contained, so you never lose pieces. I love that!! I called dibs on doing the puzzle first. It was trickier than it looked at first, but not so hard that the kids couldn't do it. Xander was the first kid to try it. He thought that was pretty cool!

We even made a couple videos reviewing it!!

While you watch, go get your own at

Here is what the kids had to say about it!

And here is my take!

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review! Opinions are all mine!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ta-Da 1-22-16

I've already been busy this month!!

My main thing has been my bullet journal. I actually started it in December because I just couldn't contain my excitement, but now I"m a month into it. I have found that it helps me out a LOT. However, I'm not good at making it for other people.
I was crazy inspired by BohoBerry's journal (see her video HERE) . She actually has some neat things to help set yours up and plan for the next month. I couldn't afford a nice journal like hers and I was super impatient, so I just used my composition notebook.

Here is a flipthrough of MY bullet journal, but I'm telling you, it's not exciting, haha.
If you're not up to watching the video, here are a couple snapshots of the journal-

This is my monthly calendar page:

And each month I track things. This will change monthly. For example, I'm not even going to bother with the "eating after 10" or "bed before midnight" because it's just a visual disappointment, lol

This part I'm kind of proud of because I think it's clever. I like to study LDS conference talks (check them out here). This way I can mark off if I read it. I"m hoping to have them all re-read before the April session.

Here is an example of what my every day and weekly pages look like. As you can see, the pens bleed a bit and this is what happens when you don't spend the money on quality products. Live and learn, I suppose!

I told you that one thing I wanted to do was work on Easter all year and crochet each month. I put the two together  this time and made this fantastic blanket that I love so much! I love that the pattern changed often enough that it never got boring. The pattern is called Flowers in a Row. It's by Red Heart and it's FREE!! Click HERE to get it!

Here is my finished product (with 2 of my kiddos!) It's nice and big, wide enough to fit my hubby and I and tall enough that it covers all of me when I want to be cozy!

In case you were wondering, I went pretty close to the pattern. I did use a K hook (Boye) for most of it and an N hook for the border. Yarn was all Red Heart. Colors- light blue, white,  pumpkin, spring green, and pretty in pink.

Here's a closeup!

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty accomplished so far this year!

2016 Goals

Ok, so I realize that I have not always been the best blogger, mostly because I'm not the world's most exciting person but that changes this year!!

I don't know if you remember the  ORIGINAL purpose for this blog- craft projects and togetherness. I'd like to kind of get back to that. I have decided that instead of staring at Pins I've pinned for years and years, it's time to do them! And so far, it's been a blast!

Hopefully, I'll also be reviewing products and things that make Mommy life a little easier.

We'll be talking crafty things, homeschool things, Primary things, family things, ALL THE THINGS!!!

First up, I want to talk about goals.

I've decided this year to decorate for Easter ALL year!!! I did this years ago with Halloween and 4th of July. It was a lot of fun and I miss it. So each month, I'd like to make at least one Easter project.
Here is my Easter Board:

I'd also like to complete a sewing project monthly. I have SEVERAL sewing boards. Don't get too excited, I'm not about to start quilting right now, but I've got to be honest, these geek quilts REALLY make me want to!!

I'm planning on crocheting monthly as well.

I should probably make a goal to do something business related- either up my photo shoots, learn more about what I'm dying to do (cosplay!!), or making props. That would be a great idea, though that I'll probably do on the photography blog:

Follow along! Share links to what you've done, what products you used, and tell me about your experience! THAT is what makes this idea great!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finally!! It's 2016

I feel like this year is going to be an INCREDIBLE year!! It has started out with a bang. We like our new health insurance, our kids are healthy, Feingold diet is helping a TON with behavior, I am (somewhat) organized and I've already finished a crocheted afghan, drawn most days, and decided to pick up sewing.

We plan on going on family vacation this year, so the kids have agreed to help in the kitchen and sell baked goods to start earning some money for the trip! I sure hope it pays off!!

I started bullet Journaling for the year. It has been a LIFESAVER. Here's a link to my video showing my BuJo!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Coloring Pages for a Cause

I have this friend. Her name is Vanessa and she is amazing. She's fun to be around, she makes me want to be a better person. She is willing to be my fitness coach, even when I'm at my fattest and NEVER makes me feel bad about my starting. She's funny, we laugh a lot. She's a GREAT mom and helps out the neighborhood kids as much as her own. She's fiercely loyal. When I'm down, she builds me back up and gives me the confidence to stand up for myself and be ok with who I am.

Here's the thing about Vanessa- she recently learned that she has breast cancer. How SUCKY is that? Why couldn't it be a jerk? But Vanessa, being the warrior she is, is standing up to this. She's strong, bold, and fierce. She's going to beat this until it doesn't know what hit it. Unfortunately, beating it is also expensive, so I have been looking for ways to help. I don't have any extra to give, but I can share talents.

I put together a coloring book that I'm selling to help out. A little about the coloring book, it features words of hope and encouragement.You can print the pages as you'd like, giving them as gifts or whatever, but please don't share the PDF. Some of them have two versions so you can stretch your creative wings a little bit and doodle on your own. The pages were made with a combination of computer and hand drawn. You'll be able to tell which is which. Some, I typed out the words, printed them, did the drawing, then scanned them back in. Other ones I drew by hand. ONE of them, I did the hand drawing, then scanned it, then used the computer to add the doodles. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Coloring books are $5 with $3 of the proceeds directly benefiting Vanessa and her family. Click on the link, leave your PayPal address, I'll send you a request for the $5, then once it's paid, I'll email you the PDF file.  Don't have PayPal? Shoot me an email at imafishtank at gmail dot com and I'll work with you!

Here are what the pages look like

Monday, August 31, 2015

Rise Above

Good day everyone. Marie H Designs is starting this new month with a Spotlight Designer at Go Digital Scrapbooking. For this occasion her store is on sale at 50 % off until September 7th and she having a Daily Download at GDS as well. Sept1-8-DD Each day starting today and until September 7th (included) you will get a part of this kit. You can find the daily there HERE. mhd_RiseAbove_preview mhd_RiseAbove_preview1 She has also created extra coordinating packs that you can find in her store and she has create a mega bundle that you can get at only $2.49 until September 8th. The Bundle contains not only the Daily Download kit but also the alpha, the templates, the wordbits and the splatters. You can find it in my store. mhd_RiseAboveBundle_preview Take a look at layouts that was created with Rise Above. Tammy Tammy Beth Beth Robyn Robyn Robyn2 Tasanee Tasanee Tasanee2 There are also 2 Freebies for you today. First Beth have this wonderful cluster frame created for you with Rise Above. You can find it on her blog HERE. Beth freebie and Marie H Designs offering on her blog this wonderful quickpage that Robin have created with Get Well Soon. You can get it HERE. mhd_getwellsoon_qp-robin_preview I hope you will have a wonderful day !

Saturday, August 29, 2015

AK Designs Template Pack 86

I love it when templates leave room for LOTS of pictures!! This one did not disappoint!

I had the privilege of working with this template. The kit I used is by Marie H Designs and will be available on FRIDAY. Hopefully I'll remember to come back here and link it up. :D

Cute, huh?! Now go click on the preview so you can buy the template! It's on sale today!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life's A Project 12 {AK Designs}

Project 52 pages are my favorite, favorite, favorite! So I was crazy excited when Amanda from AK Designs released her 12th template set in the series Life's A Project. Here's a Preview of what you'll get (click on it to go to SNP and buy it!!)

Here are pages I made using this fantastic template:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Marie H Designs is releasing a new collection called "Get Well Soon". Each part can be found at 40 % off for a limited OR you can get the bundle at 50 % off. They are available at Go Digital Scrapbooking and Daisies & Dimples (for now) mhd_getwellsoonBundle_preview mhd_getwellsoon_previewmhd_getwellsoonWA_preview mhd_getwellsoonPapers_previewmhd_getwellsoonCards_preview Beside all the products that can be fund in the bundle or seperately you will find a Quickpage pack that is also at 40 % off. mhd_getwellsoonQP_preview Here are wonderful layouts created with my collection. Beth beth Dovedesigns dovedesign Lana lanabeber Lori Lori Pia pia Robin robin Tasanee tasanee tasanee2 Marie H Designs also hosting exceptionnaly the Color Challenge this month at GDS and for this occasion she has created a Special Bundle with Enjoy the Moment that you can get until the end of the month at $2 only. mhd_enjoythemomentBundle_preview Last but not Least Marie H Designs has 2 freebies for you both created with Get Well Soon. You can find it on her blog HERE. mhd_getwellsoon_freebielana mhd_getwellsoon_freebie I hope you will have a wonderful day !!